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Simply recruit passive candidates on social media

93% of our users have no 

marketing experience

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Making the recruitment process easier

Finding the right person for your company is a challenge, but the time has come to make things simpler!

sympl uses targeted advertising to help you reach more candidates on social media, so you

don’t have to go through the hassle of manually posting ads in the paper or online.

With sympl, you post multiple campaigns on social media in less than 20 minutes. It’s so simple,

no digital skills required!

So easy, 

anyone can use it

It’s really easy to set up effective recruitment campaigns on social media with sympl. Your 'marketing' skills can range from rudimentary to non-existent (93% of users have no marketing background). Create your first recruitment campaign with just a few clicks! No Facebook, Instagram or TikTok account needed.

Reach the right talent, even if they’re not looking

61% of applicants are not actively looking for a job, so they’re hard to reach. But not impossible. The best place to find them? Where they are every day: on social media. sympl ensures that your advertising campaign targets the right candidates on social media. You reach more ideal candidates in less time and fill all your vacancies without hassle.

Full control of your spending

Get a clear, real-time picture of your social media spend by managing and tracking it from your own dashboard. You’re in control of every cent you spend on your social media campaigns– no unpleasant surprises here! Plus, we’ll help you create a more sophisticated strategy for each campaign so that you're always maximizing return on investment!

Talent teams love us.

“We received over 219 applications in 1 month with the first campaign boosted by sympl. Now we’ve filled in more than 20 vacancies across Europe!”
“We received over 219 applications in 1 month with the first campaign boosted by sympl. Now we’ve filled in more than 20 vacancies across Europe!”
Klaas Vanhee, Head of Growth at Biolectric

Want a simpler and faster way of finding the right candidates?

With sympl you can have multiple campaigns all set up in less than 20 minutes! 

Reaching candidates has never been easier. No digital skills needed.

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